an environment filled with joy,



Pierre Kruger

BSc Physiotherapy

Running my practise since 2002 has given me a unique opportunity to treat people of all walks of life. I have built up a reputation of treating chronic pain and overuse injuries successfully which has given me a passion to treat the root cause of injury and be intuitively on the lookout for mind/body interactions.

Educating and mentoring patients and colleagues is a core value, as well as staying a student for life - never missing an opportunity to learn and grow.

Spending quality time with my family and training regularly provides me with sufficient energy to live a meaningful life and to make a difference in each patient's life.

Stephanie Radyn

BSc Physiotherapy

I am passionate about treating and rehabilitating any orthopaedic injuries as well as chest conditions in adults and children. I received my B.Sc Physiotherapy degree ( Stellenbosch) in 2011 and completed my SPT (Sport Physiotherapy) qualification in 2015.

I love the outdoors and therefor enjoy running as a hobby. I am very dedicated and strive to give only the best for my patients.I feel privileged to work in a practise where I can build lasting relationships with patients and help them to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Understanding the source of an injury,
returning patients to pre-injury function and preventing recurrence is very important to me. Not only am I career-driven, but my family is very important to me as well.

Hanlie Meyer


Recently moving from Gauteng to Stellenbosch was a big step for us as a family living in Gauteng for the past 20 years.

However I am very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to work at this practice where I would like to use my extensive experience in administration to ensure the smooth running of the practice.

“Letting go and moving on is not giving up, it’s called being strong.”