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Dennis von Willingh

Dennis von Willingh is ‘n 61 jarige man wat ons kom sien het met kroniese tempero-mandibulêre pyn (kaak pyn). Na 4 behandelings en ‘n bytplaatjie wat deur sy prostodontis voorgeskryf is, het hy heelwat meer gemak van sy kaak en kan hy weer geleidelik terugkeer tot ‘n normale dieet.

Izak van Niekerk

Izak van Niekerk is a 66-year-old retired man who has been struggling with left shoulder pain and impingement for a year. After 3 physiotherapy sessions he has no more shoulder symptoms with activity of daily living and has joined a maintenance class at our practise. (The aim of these classes are to address weakness and suppleness, as well as improve his balance to prevent re-occurrence of this injury and to keep improving his general strength and mobility)

Edward van der Merwe

A 23 year old male who had to stop running for 3 years due to a chronic quadriceps tendon injury. He also sustained a compression fracture in his Thoracic spine with an accident in 2015.Since coming to my practice in 2014 Edward has stopped gym training and started focusing on control of movement rather than strength training and is now competing in 25km trail runs, as well as duathlons on a regular basis and recently won his own event in Knysna.

Richard Sterne


Professional Golfer

A BIG thanks to Pierre Kruger, possibly the best physio in SA. He has been instrumental in my come back to golf.

Izak van der Merwe


SA Davis Cup Player

I have been working with Pierre Kruger Physiotherapy since 2008. I have had a few injuries through my professional tennis career and felt that Pierre has helped me tremendously in getting back to the courts injury free. Not only has it helped me in getting healthy but I feel one of the biggest benefits is the injury prevention methods that he has used. That is one of the most important things in being a professional athlete. To be able to stay injury free during competition
and during training gives us the opportunity to improve without thinking about getting injured. I believe with the world class treatment I have received from Pierre I have been able to train better and more specific, therefore performing better and staying injury free. Thanks a lot Pierre.

Liezel Wium


SA Netball Captain

In November 2008 we were playing a test series vs Barbados in Cape Town. I injured my foot in that series not exactly knowing what happened or what was wrong. I went for x-rays, saw numerous doctors and specialists, and was put in a moon boot for 8 weeks! (and nearly went crazy!) I finally ended up at Pierre in April 2009. If I only knew better 5 months earlier I wouldn't have wasted all the time (and medical costs!). Pierre helped me to get my strength and mobility
back and within a month I was playing in a tri-nations series again. Since then, I haven't looked back! Pierre's very special and unique way of treatment is something I've never come across. He is just unbelievable. His knowledge and experience is priceless! I play a lot of netball and my body sometimes freaks out about all the impact, bruises and battering. Every time I run into Pierre's practice, highly stressed about a niggle or something really painful Pierre just calmly evaluate me and goes to the origin of the problem, and will often find something related that is actually causing the pain or niggle, and sort it out. Not once has I left Pierre's practice, being worried, or feeling worse than when I came in there. Pierre has certainly added another 5 years to my netball career. Thanks Pierre!!

Duncan Woods


SA Mens Waterpolo Captain 1997 - 2010

After undergoing shoulder surgery on my dominant right shoulder in June 2006, it was unclear to what extent the functioning and mobility of the joint would recover. My waterpolo career pivoted on the recovery of the shoulder, and I took my rehabilitation extremely seriously. After being referred to Pierre by several national hockey players, we embarked on a year of intensive rehabilitation. My successful recovery was facilitated by Pierre's holistic interpretation of the
functioning of the joint, and his attention to detail in the alignment of the muscle systems. It was largely due to his skills, expertise and care, that my entire shoulder joint emerged stronger and more stable, and I went on to enjoy the best performances of my career at two World Championships in Montreal 2007 and Rome 2009.

Jennie Stenerhag


Cape Argus Winner

2007 I had a very bad accident and the doctors in Sweden told me that my elbow would never be good enough to keep cycling. I didn't want to give up and when I returned to my second home South Africa I contacted Pierre again. In just a few weeks he fixed my elbow so that I could return to competitive cycling. What he did to my elbow was amazing, and I won a race in a sprint soon after. So when I injured myself again and had to do a surgery in my thumb it was obvious for
me to turn to Pierre for help and just a few weeks after my plaster was off I raced again! I would not have been back on the bike so quickly without the help from Pierre! Results: 1st Cape Argus cycle tour, South Africa 2009 1st Amashova cycle race, South Africa 2009 1st Swedish championship 2009 1st overall Alpha Pharm seeding series, South Africa 2009 1st Die Burger fiets tour, South Africa 2007, 2008, 2009 1st overall Pinse cup, Denmark (3day stage race) 2009 1st overall Pinse cup, Denmark (3day stage race) 2010 1st Ride for sight, South Africa 2010

Johan Malherbe


Cape Epic and Trans Baviaans Cyclist

During December 2009 I had the opportunity to enter the Absa Cape Epic. A bit early since I've only been cycling for two years. That being so, we started training at high intensity. Having had two previous falls, my shoulder started bothering me more and more. I've been to an orthopedic surgeon before. He treated it with Voltaren injections, telling me that the problem can only be fixed with an operation (rotator cuff was the term I understood). In January 2010 I went to
a friend, a radiologist, for x-rays with the same diagnosis and the prognosis of unfixable. I kept on training due to the very expensive entry fees of the Epic, at this stage I was desperate. It reached an intolerable stage where I started thinking about quitting. More or less a month before the race I heard of the Pierre Kruger Physiotherapy practice in Stellenbosch. Mariette had a look at the x-rays and evaluated my shoulder, looking at the biomechanics and different muscles influencing the movement of the scapula and shoulder joint. She said with the right exercises and by restoring the muscle balance, we could get an improvement. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but desperate. I would do anything to continue with the race. At first I went twice a week and in total twelve times. The exercises were delicate, precise and effective. The pain got less and less, I did the Epic without any problems! Now five months later, during which I took part in serious races (like the Trans Baviaans), I still have nothing to complain about! Thanks Maritte, I owe you!

Anette Laker


Stellenbosch Resident

By the time I came to this practice I was desperate and without hope. I had undergone 2 operations in my knee and hip and still there was no relief of my symptoms. In fact, things had got so bad that it stopped me from going on with all the normal things in life. I could not go for walks, couldn't drive from Stellenbosch to Durbanville and had to drag myself to do shopping. Needless to say, I could never go away on holiday, as sitting for long periods were out of the
question. I was on chronic anti-inflammatory treatment and painkillers and the only thing that gave me some sort of relief was injections in the trigger points. This however did not address the cause of the pain. All these symptoms started going away, after starting a very specific rehabilitation program at Pierre's physiotherapy practice. Now, one year later I find my life completely turned around. I can go for little walks on the beach, do shopping with joy in my heart and have just returned from a holiday traveling 3 000km. I still have a long way to go, but now know how important these exercises are and find myself with hope and knowing what to do when I have pain.

Nico Verhoef



Like most people I started off cycling as a social activity but got drawn into the sport more and more. I was fortunate to enter the Cape Epic in 2007 and increased my training for the event. In order to avoid injury I started seeing physiotherapists. Being referred by a friend to the Pierre Kruger practice. Mariette kept me injury free, through two Epics and many other races, with regular recovery rubs. She developed the ability to know my weaknesses and focus on them
through massage and corrective exercises. While playing social squash I dislocated my left knee and received a ligament replacement operation. I was under the knife on 27 July 2008 and immediately asked the surgeon if Mariette can facilitate my rehabilitation. My recovery under her supervision was incredible, within 4 months after my operation I took part in the Double Century team cycling event, and with the Maties team we finished 5th in the grueling 200 kilometer event in a time of 5h53min. Pierre Kruger Physiotherapists is not a feel good massage parlour, but people who are interested in the recovery of their patients. With cycling I learnt that you only improve through pain and discipline and Mariette's philosophy in treatment assisted me in obtaining goals I would never have imagined possible. Some highlights in my career as amateur cyclist all with the assistance of Mariette were: 61st place 2008 Cape Epic (8 day stage race) 6th place 2008 Attakwaskloof MTB challenge 5th place 2009 Cape Pioneer Trek (6 day stage race) Thanks to everyone at Pierre Kruger Physiotherapists

Chris Corry


Professional Golfer

I began working with Pierre in 2006 and have benefited enormously from working with him. His treatments, rehabilitation programmes and commitment towards the prevention of future injuries is first class. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially to any athlete wishing to maximise their potential!

Gregg Clark

South Africa Men's Hockey Coach

Pierre started working with the SA Men's Hockey team in May 2009 after being recommended to me by someone that works in the same field as Pierre. Despite his lack of hockey-specific knowledge regarding the mechanics and physiological requirements of the sport, he made an immediate impact due to his methods and attention to detail. Pierre made significant contributions to the teams World Cup qualifying and World Cup campaigns from a pre-hab and rehab perspective, and
the team had an impressive injury-free record under his guidance. Pierre also added great value to the team and its ethos off the field and he has been a great asset in the time he has worked with the SA Men's team. We wish him all the best.